Emergency Food Appeal in Myanmar 2021

On Feb. 1 2021 pople in Myanmar had their lives turend upside down as the stability and progress made over the past decade of semi-democratic governance came to an end. This is following an already challenging year, riddled with loss and fear caused by the Coronavirus global pandemic. Our efforts to develop you people using rugby were already hampered but now this situation is desperate, hence we have moved to provide emergency food packages and supplies.

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Our Emergecny Food appeal goes to the children, families and villages where kids once played rugby. We have a team of reliable and secure people to ensure that your donation gets to the people that need it .

Myanmar Childrens Home

Crossing the Gain Line are proud to support the Victory childrens home in Yangon, a group we used to coach. All the children are between the ages of 3 and 16 years old. As a result of enthic wars in Myanmar, many of the childrens mothers have been raped and killed leading to babies and children bring abandoned. Victory Homes have provided a place for these children and we provided sport opportunities for these kids.

Street children and the Most Vulnerable

Crossing the Gain Line works with SONNE Social Organization to provide sporting opportunities for street children and most vulnerable children and youth in and around Yangon. We now provided weekly food pacels to their families and villages.

Villages in and Around Yangon

The Little Dragons our orignal and oldest group. We have been coaching this for over four years group of young people from villiages in and around Yangon. These villages are deep need of food and suppliers. Through your donations Crossing the Grain Line is providing weekly food supplier to these childrens and families.

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