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About Us

Crossing the Gain Line  (UK registered charity 1186872)

Built on work started in 2016 by the Little Dragons, a group of rugby players from the Yangon Dragons crowdfunded to set up a Sports and Life Skills NGO working with young people in Yangon, Myanmar.

The money raised was put towards sports equipment and logistics. The dream was to expand across the country with the ultimate goal of accreditation from World Rugby.

For a time that dream was becoming reality. Despite some sometimes unfavourable weather conditions. We saw growth and expansion and we ran regular events, we participated in TEDx Yangon and registered the organisation as a charity in the UK.

By the end of 2019 there were several pockets of Mini, Junior and Senior Rugby thriving around the city. The pandemic curtailed much of the growth but there was still hope on the horizon.


The events since the 1st of February Coup and glacial pace at which the International Community is responding means there is not enough being done on the ground to help people with their basic needs our attention now focuses on providing food parcels and supplies for the families and young people.

What we do


Rugby Coaching

Each week we coach hundreds of Myanmar children rugby skills and teachniques. In all of sessions we focus on fun and use rugby's core values as our underpinning philosophy. We also train Myanmar youth coaches to ensuring a long lasting stability within Myanmar.  


Emergency Food Relief Myanmar

With the pandemic and coup taking its toll on the Myanmar people. Crossing the Gain Line took action by providing emergency food relief to the children and families in the areas we coach. Partnering with other local charities we have reached (on a monthly basis) over 1000 children in Yangon and the Shan State. 

Educational Support

Here at Crossing the Gain Line we realize that touching young people lives through rugby obliges us to reinforce the core value of the game. This is why we also provide educational support in the form of English lessons, art, music, drama and more


Vocational Training

CtGL partners with organisations and companies that provide vocational training to young people ages 17-23. Since we have been coaching rugby since 2016 some of the "children'' have grown up. Many of these children have had little or no formal education therefore, these vocational opportunities are a valuable step in their life journey.