Crossing the Gain Line aims to provide young Myanmar people access to rugby and activities on a regular basis. We aim to nurture children in their social development and sports development. Using rugby’s core values of integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect we aim to inspire young people to take part in sport and equip them with skills that will help them in the world of work.

In Myanmar, young people account for about 28 per cent of the total population, as such it is vital that they are prepared for the future.  Our young Myanmar “coaches in development”, help build a link to the community as well as develop a sustainable rugby family in the country. 

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Our Groups

Little Dragons

Created over four years ago the Little Dragon were the first group to play rugby with the assistance and support of the Yangon Dragons.

Thaketa Thunder

Crossing the Gain are pleased to welcome the Thaketa Thunder. Teaming with SONNE Social Organization we coach touch rugby and give educational support to these children.

Step In Step Up / GAP Kids @ Dulwich Pun Hlaing

Crossing the Gain Line have partnered with the Step In Step Up program to bring online our third group of youngsters beneifiting through an education in rugby. Our thanks to Dulwich college who are providing access to some of the best sporting facilities in Yangon

Step In Step Up/ GAP kids @ Dulwich StarCity

Our fourth group of children have now started in StarCity. We are spreading throughout Yangon

Why Rugby?

Rugby’s character building core values enables young people to develop mentally and physically. The unique nature of game gives all an equal opportunity to take part.

Educational Support

How we help support young people outside the game of rugby

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